Starting Your Career as a Dancer takes you behind the curtain and reveals what it really takes to break into the business. An indispensable guide for aspiring dancers.”
~ Ben Vereen, Tony and Drama Desk Award-winning actor, signer, and dancer

"I believe that Starting Your Career as a Dancer should be on dance and theater syllabuses in colleges and performing arts schools everywhere. There is no other book like it, written directly from the perspective of someone who has lived it.”
~ Joe Perrotta, Broadway Press Agent

“A singer needs a voice coach, an actor needs an acting coach, and a dancer needs this book! Starting Your Career as a Dancer is filled with insider advice that will guide and support any aspiring artist who wishes to have a career in the entertainment business.”
~ Lou Paciocco, stage and film producer

“An absolute gem, from a pro who knows what to do and how to teach ‘it.’”
~ David Frangioni, engineer, producer, and technologist

"For any person entering into the Entertainment Business, we should only seek advice and trust the people who have the career AND the life we would want. Mande is one of these people. She hasn't 'survived' this industry, she created a beautiful life within it, and I would listen to anything she has to say."
~ Trina Harmon, Artist Coach, Speaker, Author, Los Angeles, CA

"This book is a must read! Mande's knowledge and passion for dancers, has molded many lives. I was privileged to work for Mande 19 years ago. She inspired me then and amazes me now. Her knowledge is stretched onto these pages and will assist anyone who reads it. She is a brilliant women, a true shinning star!"
~ Michelle Gagliano, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Starting Your Career as a Dancer is so well written and easy for all ages to understand. I purchased it for my niece 9 and my daughter 23 who both love Dance. It was not only inspirational but also full of information to help them know what they need to move forward with a career in dance. You can tell it is written from the true hard work and heart of the author."
~ Diana Weber, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"In the words of Sammy Davis, Jr., There are two words in Show Business – "Show" and "Business". Mande's book steps off from the performance and technical foundation provided by dance schools and gives the reader an insider's look at what a career in the Performing Arts truly entails. It is clear, concise, inspiring and invaluable to any aspiring or veteran performer."
~ John Ciotta, Headline Performer, Musical Arranger, New York, NY

"Mande Dagenais has written an inspirational book that every dancer should read. I only wish this book had been around 15 years ago when I began. There is nothing else like this book, it really helps dancers in all aspects of the industry. Mande has guided so many dancers over the years who are all very grateful to have worked with this amazing choreographer and very special lady. It's wonderful to think that through this book so many more dancers can experience her guidance."
~ Jemma Louise Sawyer, Choreographer, Dubai, UAE

"Mande Dagenais is a True Original, and now through her incredible book, "Starting Your Career as a Dancer", she has generously shared with us her knowledge of the art of dance through her own experience, & encourages us all to follow our own dream in life wherever it may take us. So Very Inspirational! A Must read!"
~ Joe Posa, Actor/Dancer, Featured Performer, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Mande's honest first hand experience and no non-sense advice makes her book a must read for hoofers around the world."
~ Diana Jonas, Actor/Singer/Dancer, Toronto, Canada

"Mande is Brilliant! Her expertise in the field of dance speaks volumes to our youth across the globe. She is an inspiration to all!"
~ Kristy Boyd, Professional Dancer/Singer, Dance Educator K-12, San Francisco, CA

"This book is a wealth of valuable information both on a professional and personal level covering everything it takes to be a dancer/entertainer. This book will help you to avoid frustrations and pitfalls along the way."
~ Debbie Brown, Miramar, FL

"Dance teachers and choreographers are plentiful but extremely rare is the teacher who has lived and breathed dance; who has performed, choreographed, cast, hired and mentored singers, dancers and performers; rare is the person who has created and produced shows and whom now has a powerful and relevant message to share. Mande Dagenais stands out not only as an accomplished professional but as someone who clearly articulates in her book all the critical steps and insights necessary to take your dream to dance & perform and turn it into a shining reality. This is the book for those who are inspired to dance and inspired to make it happen!"
~ Patrick Wanis Ph.D. Los Angeles, CA

"This book is a must have for any aspiring entertainer, not just dancers! There are so many life lessons to be learnt by all when reading this most inspiring book! Mande tells it like it is and teaches you how to achieve your goals. Her teachings truly help people turn their dreams into reality!
JT, Production Assistant, Orlando, FL

"As a dancer myself it has been a self learning curve throughout my career. To finally have a reference to go to when in doubt, to have something that tells you how to market yourself and how treat your body as a business is a Godsend. It really is a dancers bible and should be read by everyone wanting to enter the amazing and crazy world of a professional dancer! Thank you!!" ~ Nicola Mooney, Dancer, New York, NY

"I first met Mande nearly 15 years ago as an 18 year old fresh out of Dance College. I was incredibly lucky to work with such a talented lady who guided me as I made the transition from student to professional. Now other aspiring dancers can too benefit from her wealth of experience through this book. Mande is an amazing choreographer, dancer, producer and friend who is a huge inspiration to me and I know her book will go on to inspire so many more. A definite must read for everyone in the industry!!

~ Samantha Maxwell, London, England

"Mande Dagenais' professionalism, creativity, experience, extensive knowledge base are all contributors to this book – which should be required reading for ANYONE in the entertainment industry…

 I'm re-reading right now, as there's so much more to be learned…
~ Althea DiGregorio, Vocal Coach, Vancouver, BC, Canada

"This book is what the dance industry needs not only is it an inspiration to dancers but there are so many lessons to be learnt, it gives them the support they need to be truly amazing and bring their talent to the surface. Brilliant!"
~ Susanna Talbert, Choreographer/Dancer, London, England

Mande Dagenais has had a major part in helping transform my artistry, crucial for a future in dance. Her guidance has led me to a successful career in show business, allowing me to perform all over the world. In addition to realizing dreams such as working for Cirque du Soleil. Mande Dagenais is able to further educate so many other dancers through her book. For her tremendous compassion, as well as ability to give back to dancers in need of insight within the entertainment industry, Mande Dagenais deserves all the credit she can get!"
~ Sanchia Rooker, Specialty Performer/Dancer, Montreal, Que. Canada

"I'm a trained dancer who was a gypsy for years. I enjoyed Mande's book immensely and found so many truths in her writing all of which I experienced. Her book is not only good reading but a great teacher for young dancers. Mande Dagenais is to be commended for her writing and for pointing out the short cuts to success with less tears."
~ Michael Terrace, New York, NY

"Mande's words deliver the knowledge and passion she feels. She's taken her gift and love of the art of dance and shared it with everyone in her book. Who better to inspire and mentor the young and future dancers of the world!"
~ Annette Le Sieur Horncastle, Quebec, Canada

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